Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer O' Fun

We are not taking a summer vacation. To my knowledge, we have never taken a summer vacation. Short trips, yes. Summer vacation, no. Up until last year, Mike managed a Chuck E Cheese and taking a week or two off during their busiest time of the year was a no-no. We usually vacation in the fall, around Olivia's birthday in October or occasionally in the spring. Mike's with a grown up restaurant now (hallelujah!), but still, no summer vacation plans.

The kids, mostly the oldest kid, are bummed. Everyone they know is going somewhere fun and exciting. Well, not everyone, but you know how kids are. Even their great grandparents just spent a week at the beach. So, in an effort to make some super fun memories that don't involve leaving Daddy behind while we go on vacation, I have started the Bell Summer o' Fun 2014. Every day, until August 3 (the day before kindergarten starts-SNIFFLE!!!), we are doing something FUN! Some days, it will be free, some days it won't. Some days it will be at home, some days it won't. But, it will be fun!

So far, this has been our fun!

Monday, June 2-Pinson Mounds with friends, playdate at our house.

Tuesday, June 3-Savannah Park and Splash Pad, fishing at Pickwick, and Frozen in the park.

Wednesday, June 4- SICK DAY! This wasn't planned. However, we made the best of it with tons of Play-doh, building an airplane, making chocolate chip cookies, a dinner and movie picnic in the living room, and Phillip learned to play Go-Fish. Olivia and I played Black Jack for a while, which we love.

We have lots of other things planned: swimming, Pink Palace, Memphis Zoo, Smyrna Blue Angels Show, $2 Movies in Corinth, a Nashville visit to see our family there, and some other fun things. Not every day will be a big deal, some days we may play in the sprinker, stay up late looking at the stars on the trampoline, or just have ice cream for breakfast. Basically, I just want them to REMEMBER this summer (and quit whining about no change in venue). If you want to follow our adventures, find me on Instagram, I am journaling it all there. My user name livismom0317.

Have a great summer!