Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day, Snow Day

Well, it snowed here in the South! Snow days are a really big deal here, it pretty much shuts everything down. This was a mild snow day, as the roads were relatively clear and we got 4 ish inches where we live. The kids had a great time! Phillip HATED the snow last year, so I wasn't sure what to expect this year. He LOVED it! Olivia always loves the snow. Last year, she stayed out until she nearly got hypothermia. This year, both kids were chilled and ready to go in within an hour.

Here are some cute pictures. I plan on starting the fun giveaways tomorrow. I apologize for the delay, I have been very PREGNANT the last few days. Saturday, Sunday, and today I laid down with Phillip and took a 2+ hour nap. I am exhausted, but all for a good cause. I think it's half pregnancy and half chasing a toddler :)

Getting acclimated to the snow :) I like it or not?

My goodness, she is getting so big! (And pretty too, if I say so myself)

Teaching her brother to make snowballs!

 Phillip insisted on going for a walk through the subdivision, Olivia followed him dutifully!
Olivia dropped to do a snow angel and Phillip though she fell down, he was concerned!

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