Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So inconsistent...that's me!

So, about a month ago, I tried to do a blog post and it wouldn't work. My whole blog was jacked up and I could not get anything to work right. So, I just forgot about it...for a month :) But, I am back now.

We have had lots of exciting news. Baby #3 is a BOY! Phillip will have a brother to grow up with, play with, and most importantly, pass clothes down to (well, it's important to me)! Olivia is actually thrilled at staying the only princess in the family, and Mike and I are thrilled to raise another son! We have tentatively decided on the name Andrew Corwin, but that is subject to change...

We also found out last month that my brother and sister in law are expecting a baby! Their baby will be about three months younger than Andrew. Andrew is six months younger than my uncle and aunt's baby girl, Kaelyn. He is three months younger than my cousin and his wife's baby, Grant. Therefore, there will be many playmates in his future. This is such an exciting and new thing for me. I was the oldest (by five years) of all my cousins and poor Olivia didn't have a playmate until Phillip was born. Phillip has a cousin, Gracyn, that is a few months older than him and now will have a slew of kids a couple of years younger than him to boss around! Yay for family!!

Only twelve more weeks (approximately) until baby Andrew makes his appearance. I have A LOT to do!! I am anxious to see him, but honestly, I am fine with the next twelves weeks CREEPING by, as I don't want to feel rushed. We will see...

I have another blog post swirling around in my head, so I should be posting again soon! See you then!!

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