Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy me :)

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. I had a simply wonderful day. It started out with a visit to the OB, where I had to take a glucose test. Woo hoo, I know how to party! It was really fine, any day that I get to hear the baby's heartbeat is a good day in my book. As far as I know, everything was fine.

Then, I spent a few hours with the people who brought me into the world. I am so thankful for my wonderful parents. Without them, I have no idea how I would raise these (almost) three children of ours. Mike works as a restaurant manager, which means two nights a week he is not home until after the kids' bedtime. Obviously, if anything goes wrong and requires two adults, it happens on these two nights. This past week, Phillip fell and hit his head on the corner of my sofa table. He hit it so hard, there was a dent in his head (this is common with toddlers, I found out. Who knew?). Anyway, I felt it best to take him into the urgent care clinic and have it checked out, as it was almost bedtime and putting my groggy toddler to bed with a head injury seemed negligent. So, who do I call? Mom and Dad, of course! They were working up at our church, so I sped up there, left Olivia with Dad and Mom jumped in the car with me. She kept Phillip awake until we got there, then went back to the exam room with us, kept him occupied there, and escorted him to his x-ray (no preggos allowed in x-ray). Everything turned out fine, he just has a big goose egg, but it was scary for a minute when they were talking possible skull fractures. Thank God I had my Mommy with me! I should mention that I had been recovered from a 24 hour stomach flu for about 2 hours when this happened! Whew, what a night!

So, last night was WAY better. Mike took me to dinner at Texas de Brazil in Memphis. We had such a wonderful time together. He and I can talk and talk for hours. We discussed politics, child raising, home improvements, everything we could think of. We wound up staying up until after 1 a.m. talking and laughing (Mom & Dad kept the kids). He is such a wonderful husband, I am a big fan!

My birthday present from Mike was a flip camcorder. I love it already, I can just throw it in my purse and go. I will take a lot more videos now, which is good. I am terrible about taking videos.

Well, I just wanted to get an update on here. I have lots more news I could share, but I should get busy doing something for productive. Just 9 weeks (or less) until Baby Bell gets here. I can't wait!!

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