Thursday, September 27, 2012

My friend, Manda

I am returning to the blogging world for a quick post about my friend, Manda, for Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Singles.

(I have exactly one picture of Manda where she's not being silly. Oh, and I have some pictures of us from camp when we were 9 & 10. But, I don't want to die, so I won't post those)

Manda is amazing. She really is. I have know here since I was 3 and she was 2. Her sister and I are the same age and we've all grown up like sisters. She is truly one of my favorite people and will hopefully continue to love me even when she sees this :)

First of all, the physical stuff. Manda is beautiful. She comes from a family of beautiful people. At Christmas, there's just a sea of beautiful people wandering around admiring each other's beauty at their house. Oh, I kid, they're modest about it. But, she truly is beautiful. This is not one of those "oh, she has a beautiful soul and her face is ummm...okay". She has a beautiful soul and face. She is 33, but doesn't look it. Not that 33 is old, but she looks 25 at the oldest. I try not to hate her for this. It's a daily struggle.

Manda loves adventure. She loves traveling, trying new things, new restaurants, new cities, you name it, she's up for  it. She's no shrinking violet. If she decides she wants to do somethings, she does it. And she does it well.

She is hilarious. There are not many people on this earth that can make me laugh as much as she does. When she comes into town for the occasional girls' night with me & her sister, I'm as excited as a 16 year old on her first date, because I know I will have a great time! She lives in Nashville, TN. Which also makes me jealous, because I want to live in Nashville. Manda is pretty much my hero. Or, I'm her stalker. Eh, potato, po-tah-toe.

Manda is an extremely hard worker. She has her MBA from Union University (one of the top 100 private universities in the country...I'm just saying that because I attended Union too and bragging about it makes me feel better about the asinine amount of money I spent on an education...but I digress). She is really smart. She can carry on a conversation about anything. My husband LOVES Manda, he loves talking to her about politics, current events, The Office, anything.

By day, she's a Senior Healthcare Analyst. I have no idea what that is, so you would have to ask her if you want more details. I know that she's important at work and goes to lots of meetings :)

Manda is very honest, giving, moral, has an extremely high work ethic, and is just an all around winner. She is one of the most honest people I know. If I want an honest opinion, I ask her. And she will tell me the truth, but in a nice way, so that I don't feel bad :)

She has lots of nieces and nephews that she enjoys spending time with and spoiling and they WORSHIP her. Kids love her, because she treats them like people. My daughter always loved hanging out with Manda when we lived in the same town, because Manda was one of the adults that treated her like an equal. She will be an amazing mother one day, but don't panic, she's not one of those "OMG, my biological clock is TICKING, let's discuss baby names over dessert" kind of first dates.

So, that's my beautiful, smart, funny, all around awesome friend Manda. If you're interested, leave a comment or email me.

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  1. Hi Manda. I am Matt and I am number 186 on Kelly's list. I am a southern guy from Memphis TN.