Saturday, January 5, 2013

It was the WORST year EVER!

Does anyone out there own up to watching Spongebob? If so, you are familiar with Spongebob's song "Best Day Ever". Well, sing "It was the worst year ever" to that tune and you have this post summed up.

There's not a lot good I can say about 2012. My kids were all healthy and happy. That's always my number one priority, so that was one good thing. Otherwise. EHH! It just wasn't a good year. Life was hard. Marriage was hard. Friendships were hard. Church was hard. Raising kids was hard. Poor decisions were made and the obvious consequences were reaped. Though we escaped 2012 relatively unscathed, I will never have much affection for that year. I entered 2013 with a new perspective on life. I also entered 2013 with a lot fewer friends and a lot more emotional baggage. Life is forever going to be different, because of some of the knowledge gleaned in 2012. I'm not trying to be vague or fish for sympathy. There is not one MAJOR thing that jumps off the calendar pages, just a lot of things, little things, medium things, big things, all conspiring together to make the year suck.

So, 2013, give me your best shot! 2011 was a dismal year (except for the birth of Matt), 2012 was a holy terror of a year (save a few bright spots), so 2013, please be better. I've just got this one life and so far, 2 out of the 34 years of it have not been worth the effort. I'm hoping, praying, wishing, and believing 2013 is the year it all gets better!

Maybe I'll blog, maybe I won't. If so, see you then!

P.S. According to blogger, this blog gets visited every single day. Random. So, if you're that visitor, leave me a comment :) You don't have to out yourself, just an anonymous "hi, I'm not a serial killer" would be nice!

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