Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boy or Girl...

Our "big" ultrasound was set for Jan 25. I am SO excited about seeing the little one. We have had three ultrasounds so far, but the baby was too small to tell anything.

Well, today we got GREAT news! The doctors' office called and said that they had made a mistake and we would get the ultrasound next week! Only one more week (give or take a day), and we will know PINK or BLUE.

Personally, I think pink. For some reason, this seems like a girl. I could be wrong. Half of me hopes I am wrong. I would love for Olivia to have a sister, but I would also love for Phillip to have a brother. This is the last Bell baby, so someone is going to miss out.

Now, before I get any comments about limiting the size of our family, there are two reasons this is the last Bell baby. First of all, this is my third C-section. Three is the recommended number. I'm sure plenty of women have had more, but I'm sticking with the recommendation Second, Mike will be 47 when this baby is born. That means he will be 65 when this baby graduates from high school. Probably time to stop :) I think that children are an amazing gift from God and would love to have a house full, but one of us got a late start! After struggling with infertility for years, we are feeling very blessed with the three we have.

We have considered several names. We are 92% positive that our girl name is Sophia Elizabeth, possibly calling her Sophie Beth. We are 50% positive that our boy will be Matthew Corwin or Andrew Corwin. I should say now that I hate, hate, hate the name Corwin, but Mike loves it!!

So, Sophie Beth or Matt or Drew or another name, will be loved and cherished. Can't wait to see the little thing next week!!


  1. Love the sound of Sophie Beth!!!! "loved and cherished".....without any doubt!!! So happy for you.

  2. Sophie Beth sound so cute! I like first names that can't be shortened. We have Kate Elizabeth AKA Katie Beth. I love beth after a firsh name. It sounds southern, I'm not sothern at all but I love the sound of Beth as a middle name.

  3. I love Sophie Beth! We just named Gracie like the nickname bc that's what we knew we'd call her. Why don't you just make it Sophie Beth permanently?

    Besides, 3 is QUITE a houseful. I promise.